What’s the problem anyway?

Sacramento has one of the largest homeless youth populations in California and in the nation with a staggering population of 12,000 homeless students. Over 1,000 of those are unaccompanied minors in search of stable housing. Most find refuge on a couch, but as much as 300 find themselves completely without shelter every night. With only 6 beds dedicated to youth under 18, there is a serious need for housing and we want to double it!

More housing is the solution!

Housing is the single greatest need. A lack of housing put youth at greater risk for being sex trafficked, engaging in survival sex, being victimized by older homeless populations as well as initiating and perpetuating the cycles of poverty, and in many cases, the cycle of abuse. Providing a safe and stable place for youth under 18 experiencing homelessness gives these youths a chance to thrive and grow.

What can we do?

– Sponsor one of our events for homeless youth
– Put on a fundraiser
– Donate! Whether you are making a special gift or give monthly, giving is a great way to support our work.

– Help us at our weekly feeding program
– Street Outreach
– Volunteer at a special event

Help us make this dream a reality, Donate Today!