The only way to attack this problem is if we all contribute to the solution. Replication has always been an important part of the dream to address youth homelessness. Many communities in the US are not aware of homeless youth in their community, let alone homeless youth that are unaccompanied by a parent or guardian. The vision is simple, replicate our outreach strategy by empowering and training churches and community members. For more information, fill out the contact form below.

Steps to Succeed

  • Pray

    Pray for God’s direction.

  • Examine & Evaluate

    Examine and evaluate yourself and weigh the possible sacrifice reaching out to homeless youth may have on your life. Also, ask yourself if you are healthy mentally, physically, socially and directionally? What areas do you need work on and is this the right point in your life’s journey to take on ministry responsibilities.

  • Gather interest

    Gather interest and recruit possible volunteers. You will need an army of volunteers and community members to be involved. Educate people about the issue and gage the support that you might have. You don’t need a million people, Jesus changed the world with 12 disciples.

  • Research

    Research starts with a Google search. Self-education is the first step to understanding this issue. Research national, state, county, and city statistics. If you are not alarmed, then you have not researched enough. See what services your community offers to homeless youth, and even talk to providers.